When Will I Need
Dental Crown?

Here are some situations that a dentist will suggest installing a crown.

  • Replace a filling on a tooth without much body left
  • Fix a fractured tooth
  • Attach a dental bridge
  • Protect a weak or damaged tooth from any further fracturing
  • Replace a missing tooth as part of a dental implant
  • Cover a misshapen tooth
  • Fix a discolored tooth
  • Cover a tooth that had a root canal procedure

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General & Aesthetic Dentistry

What is a dental crown?

It is a type of cap that completely covers a real tooth. It can be made from ceramic materials. Crowns can be fitted where a tooth has broken, decayed or been damaged, or just to make a tooth look better. To fit a crown, the old tooth will need to be prepared in order to receive a dental crown.

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